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Alex Gardner interviewed and reviewed
Posted at 5:43 PM, 09 February 2010 -

To promote his upcoming single "I'm Not Mad", Alex Gardner visited UK radio station Hallam FM, where he talked about his debut album: «My album's very versatile. Everything is on there. I’ve got reggae tracks, rock tracks, blues tracks, drum-driven tracks, bass-driven tracks, ballads. Everything. You want it, I've got it».

Click here to watch the interview or read about it on Idolator, where you can also listen to the single "I'm Not Mad".

Alex Gardner kicked off the new year with a "New To Q Session" at The Tabernacle, London, alongside I Blame Coco and Mike Snow. He will now play a series of headline shows up and down the UK before heading out on tour with Scouting For Girls throughout April and May (check his MySpace for dates).

Tomorrow he's performing at Cherry Jam and on Thursday he's playing the Next Big Thing show at the Jazz Café with Paloma Faith. He will also be heading to some radio stations around the South from Monday - check his Twitter to keep up to date with where he's going to be.

Here's a few reviews from his show at the Tabernacle:
  • Xenomania protégé Alex Gardner warmed up with soaring power ballads that will be as essential as sun cream come June. Daily Star
  • There is a soulfulness in his voice which is nice. The opening song was forthcoming single Yesterday's News and that is one thing that won't happen to Alex. From listening to the set Alex does have a bright future ahead of him. Planet Music Reviews
  • Young Alex Gardner opened up the bill to a steadily filling room. Most reviews I had read of him previously had focused just as much on his looks as his music, and as he strolled on to the stage with buttoned down flannel shirt revealing a butt neked chest, you could tell there was a bit of a sweat induced from the young ladies and cougars in the room alike. He's got one hell of a set of pipes on him too - his live vocal sounding distinctly Buble (which looks a bit ridiculous without the accent), as he defied early technical issues and delivered the songs with a composed confidence belying his age. Standout track Yesterday's News was very well received and will no doubt be a commercial success in the months to come, but I felt the rest of his set lacked a similar spark. Not that there was anything wrong with it, and I'm sure that with time a repertoire of tracks will emerge of a quality that he's already proved that he is capable of. On/The/Reg
Setlist: Yesterday's News, Heartbreak, Yes I've Tried, I'm Not Mad, Where Were You?



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